IN NETWORK Romania is a non-governmental organization whose activity is inspired by the Christian values and principles, as are expressed in the Holy Scriptures.

        Established in 1992 under the name International Needs Romania, the organization is part of the I.N. Network (International Needs Network) whose vision, principles, and work methods are shared.
        Without being an exclusivist organization, IN Network Romania, is made up from Evangelical Christians, having strong inter-confessional features. The programs of IN Network Romania go beyond denominational borders and are constituted as contributions of the Evangelical Christians to the creation of a modern Romanian society, anchored in Christian values.
        According to the actual needs of the Evangelical community and also of the Romanian society, in general, IN Network Romania develops medium and long term programs in the field on Evangelism and for the benefit of small church revival, in Christian counseling and for the development of leadership aptitudes.
        The organization was founded by Ovidiu S. Bulzan, and at first it had a strong evangelistic and charitable focus. Starting with 1998, the organizations leader is Daniela Pribac, Executive Director, and Mirel Talpeş, Executive President. The strategic directions of development are established by a Board of pastors, teachers and managers.
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